Business Use Of Vehicle


Business Auto Tracker  v.

Tax laws make it advantageous to deduct business use of your vehicle, however adequate records are required. This application utilizies GPS to track and record your trips as well as manual odometer entries. Money spent on vehicle maintenance are

Personal Timeclock  v.4.7

Personal Timeclock: Tracks and reports your computer usage by project and category. It can help you with client billing, time management, and can provide the information needed at tax time to justify a deduction for business use of your computer.


MB Pagan Herbal Remedies

MB Pagan Herbal Remedies displays herbal remedies for different ailments based on Pagan beliefs. This tool helps you reduce the pain caused by different problems with the help of herbs. It also guides you on the application and use of these herbs. MB

Large Black Business Icons  v.2013.1

Large Black Business Icons bring more than 32 stylish icons in all standard sizes up to 512x512 pixels. Creative use of colors allows Large Black Business Icons look ultra-slick and modern in Windows, iOS, Android and web applications.

Business Cards Printing  v.

Business cards printing software offers you to create stylist visiting card, badges make use of your creativity and imagination.

Ocster Backup Business  v.6 24

Ocster Backup Business is the business edition of Ocster Backup.

SharePoint Business Data List Connector  v.1.0

The fast, easy and complete integration of external LOB data, e.g. from databases, is a common requirement in the use of Microsoft SharePoint technology. Existing solutions,

Grow Business Flash CMS Template  v.1

You will enjoy this quiet but brand- appropriate Business theme of Fancy CMS project.

DOF Depth of Field Calculator  v.

A clever photographer would use Depth of Field intelligently to emphasize a specific effect of the main suject of interest by limiting DOF away from confusing background via use of a larger aperture and/or using a smaller aperture to enhance the

Dungeon of Slyn  v.

Turn based dungeon crawler. Each game is different. Discover how to make the best use of the items you find and avoid encountering your doom from the many evils lurking around. - Turn based combat. - Random dungeons, every game is new. - Enemies

Contact  v.2.7

Contact database and calendar for personal & business use. Store information about anything or anyone - personal or public information - and easy retrieval of all information. Store and retrieve events, holidays, vacation schedules,

HouseHold Accounting for Windows

HouseHold Accounting for Windows is a personal finance product designed for home users or a small business. It does bookkeeping for your financial accounts. The program has many functions including: Tracks Account Balances, Transfers between Accounts,

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